Scenic cycle routes, regional specialties, genuine hospitality: our three mantras! EASYTORINO bicycle trips take place in our home regions, in Northwest Italy: mainly Piemonte since we live there, but also in the nearby Liguria and Lombardia. A treasure of landscapes and flavours, renowned attractions and amazing untraveled sites.

All tours are free tip-based: EASYTORINO is not about organized or guided tours nor a business activity, but a welcome club of natives who love sharing their favourite places with the travellers. Hospitality thing, like having a friend in town who squires you around. Each jaunt is hosted by a volunteer local expert (bike host) from our group, passionate cycle tourer, connoisseur of places and culture. At the end, if you liked it, you can leave him a tip.

EASYTORINO is for all who want to experience Piedmont from a local, insider’s perspective. Join us, we look forward to ride with you!

We know well the cycling routes of Piemonte, the Mediterranean Liguria di Levante and the lakes area of Lombardy. We put thousand of miles on our bikes to find the best ones. Routes are designed to showcase sceneries, natural reserves, peculiar places, away from motor traffic as much as we can. We’ll take a relaxed pace, easy-going ride, with rest stops and visits along the way: in a country tavern for a good cappuccino, to enjoy a tasting in the winery, lunch in a traditional trattoria. Mileage will be manageable -max 80km per day, but the terrain can be hilly and sometimes you’ll face offroad trails, then we expect you to have good cycling skills and strenght. Click on the tour you are interested in to find details about, and feel free to ask would you need further info.

Each outing is hosted by a volunteer local expert (we call him “bike host”) from our group. He’s not a licenced tour guide nor a professional, but a riding companion, long-time cycle tourer, connoisseur of places, culture and oenogastronomy. Like a native friend who shows you around. At the end, if you like it, you can leave him a tip.

Even though we ride at an easy pace, in order to enjoy the trip you must be in good shape and feel comfortable in cycling for long hours, on various conditions. Some tours feature quite demanding climbs for instance, while others are off-road, and depending on the season the weather can be bad or temperatures high. We recommend you to get a thorough physical exam by a medical doctor before joining.
N.B. Our outings are not suitable for children.

You can join with your own bike: Touring, MTB, Gravel or Cyclocross models are usually suitable, anyway check the tour details for the suggested types or just ask us. Since tours are unsupported your bicycle must be equipped with rack and panniers, or frame bags: there won’t be any van assistance and you’ll have to carry your stuff in fact. For short (one day/two days) trips requiring little garments you can use a light backpack instead.
If you wish we can help to hire a fully equipped bicycle+panniers (both standard and E-bike) or arrange the transport of your luggage so you won’t have to carry it.
For some tours we have a few spare bikes you can borrow for free, just ask.

Always bring your credit card and cash: remember these are not guided nor organized tours but unsupported casual outings, you shall pay accommodation, tastings and meals directly to the businesses on the spot, each on their own. You will have to carry your luggage then limit your items to the essentials. Here is an example list for multiday trips:
– cycling shorts
– cycling shirt or sport shirt, breathable
– cycling shoes or sport shoes with grip sole
– sport socks
– breathable sport underwear
– helmet
– pocket rain jacket
– front and rear lights
– sunscreen
– sunglasses
– tubes and repair kit
– first aid kit
– chain and lock
– casual clothes for evening and dinners
– shampoo, shower gel
– credit card and cash
– warm cycling clothes and warm evening clothes (for spring/autumn/winter tours)

We love real local experiences! For this reason we favour accommodation like farmhouses and small family hotels, and traditional taverns serving regional cuisine rather than starred restaurants featuring fancy dishes. To us, “gourmet” means authentic recipes from the place made with quality ingredients, and we know the places to go for it, off the tourist traps. Sometimes at lunch we would buy some fresh food and enjoy a picnic outdoor instead, in a park, amongst the vineyards, on the beach. During the day we will also have the chance to visit growers, dairies, winemakers and get to know their job and delights. Panoramic routes, homey hospitality and local specialties are the trademarks of EASYTORINO’s tours! Check the tour details to know more.
All tours are on request, it means that you decide the dates you favour and we’ll make it happen. You can also ask to customize the outing, for instance you may combine two tours, make it private (in such a case we do not take other participants, it will be only you guys and the bike host), ask for changes in the itinerary or accommodation type.
To get info or book a tour, fill the reservation form in the tour page or email or text our Facebook page
Especially for long trips (2 days and more), we kindly ask you to contact us well in advance in order to properly arrange it.

EASYTORINO is not a business activity, nor about organized or guided tours: it’s a group of natives who love to share their places with the visitors, pure hospitality thing, like having a friend in town who shows you around.
All bicycle trips are free tip-based, in company of a volunteer local expert (bike host) from our group. Nothing is due to us, you will pay accommodation, tastings and meals directly to the businesses, each on his own. Many of them are small or family run activities and they don’t accept cards, therefore always bring cash with you. Check the tour you are interested in (tab named “cost”) to get a fair idea of the approximate expense. Prices and availability may vary depending on the period: once you tell us the exact date we will give you details about suppliers, effective rates and cancellation fees, how to pay them (mostly upon arrival, only few ask in advance).
The bike host will pay his expenses like any other, but it would be a nice gesture to split his bills among the participants. At the end, if you enjoyed the experience, you can leave him a tip.

Important: we do not take responsability for accidents of any kind nor provide any insurance. These are open rides, every participant is responsible for his/her actions and the resulting consequences, and certify that he/her is sufficiently experienced, in good health and in proper phisical condition to ride the proposed tours. Before joining, we strongly suggest you to take a thorough physical exam by a medical doctor, get a Cycling Liability Insurance and a Travel/Medical Insurance. Our tours are not suitable for children. Click here to read the Entry Waiver Form



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