Scenic routes, regional specialties, genuine hospitality

Grab the handlebar, let’s ride and taste the best of Torino and Piemonte! We are bike lovers born and bred here and we look forward to share places to go!
We set up EASYTORINO as a group to promote sustainability and local culture by means of free bike tours. Genuine hospitality thing, like having a friend in town who squires you around. We do it in our spare time, there are no scheduled tours, just tell us your favorite date and we’ll do our best to make it happen.
EASYTORINO is for all who want to experience Piemonte from a truly local, insider’s perspective. Join us, we look forward to ride with you!

  • All trips are free to join, in company of a volunteer from our group

  • Scenic routes, local flavours, genuine hospitality: our three mantras!
  • EASYTORINO is not a business activity nor about organized or guided tours: it is about hospitality, like having a friend who squires you around
  • You can join with your own bike or we can help hire one locally
Important: we do not take responsability for accidents of any kind nor provide any insurance. These are open rides, every participant is responsible for his/her actions and the resulting consequences, and certify that he/her is sufficiently experienced, in good health and in proper phisical condition to ride the proposed tours. We strongly suggest you to get a Cycling Liability Insurance and a Travel/Medical Insurance before joining. Click here to read the Entry Waiver Form
We speak English and a little Spanish. And Italian of course!