Scenic routes, authentic local cuisine, genuine hospitality

Grab the handlebar and ride with us at a slow pace to explore and taste the best of North West Italy. We are a collective of cycle tourers from the region, and we look forward to share our places to go!

After cycling far and wide across our land, we set up EASYTORINO as a group to promote landscapes and local cultures by means of free welcome rides. True local experiences, genuine hospitality thing, like having a friend in town who squires you around, off the tourist traps. You will follow the most attractive bicycle routes: b-roads, scenic itineraries, country paths. With stops for tastings and visits throughout the ride. And when off the saddle after a busy day it’s nice to indulge in regional cuisine: no fancy restaurants but trattoria, piola, agriturismo. Only recipes and flavours from the place you won’t find anywhere else: the real gourmet food to us! Same with the lodging: farmhouses, b&b, small and family run hotels.

EASYTORINO is for all who want to enjoy bicycling in North Western Italy from a local, insider’s perspective. Join us, we look forward to ride with you!

We are not a tour operator nor licensed guides nor a business activity, but a group of natives who love to share their places with the travelers, in a friendly and easy-going manner. All tours are free and hosted by a local expert from our team, if you enjoyed it you can leave him a tip.

  • All trips are free tip-based, in company of a volunteer local expert
  • Scenic routes, authentic local cuisine, genuine hospitality: the three mantras of EASYTORINO!
  • We use gps navigators to follow the itinerary, but we make room for inspiration and changes on the way
  • Meals and accommodation shall be paid on the spot to the businesses, each on their own
  • EASYTORINO is not a business activity nor about organized or guided tours: it is about hospitality, like having a friend in town who squires you around
  • You can join with your own bike or we can help hire one locally


The route has been carefully designed to keep us away from the motor traffic as much as possible, and the tour was well balanced, somewhere between an organized trip and a casual outing with friends! Thank you and see you soon!!


A beautiful adventure by bike across the Ticino river reserve, through mud, wild animals (at least their footprints) and rope bridges. I felt like Indiana Jones on the bicycle! Fun and good company and Halloween thrills!


Looking to expand your travel catalogue with cycling holidays in Italy? As a local experts we can definitely support you! Taking advantage of our connections and knowledge of the country, we will help you to create unique ready-made and tailor-made packages. Check the tours designed for Giroola here.
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Important: we do not take responsability for accidents of any kind nor provide any insurance. These are open rides, every participant is responsible for his/her actions and the resulting consequences, and certify that he/her is sufficiently experienced, in good health and in proper phisical condition to ride the proposed tours. We strongly suggest you to get a Cycling Liability Insurance and a Travel/Medical Insurance before joining. Click here to read the Entry Waiver Form