Torino and Piemonte region feature a wide range of attractions: beautiful sceneries, historical sites, nature, food and wine delights. Placed at the feet of the Alps on the north west side of Italy, Piedmont and the capital city of Turin are a real treat for those who love the outdoors, landscapes and local cultures. Also a perfect destination for a cycling holiday, thanks to a large network of backroads and country trails.

We love biking in our region, exploring places and finding new routes, and we look forward to share it with the travelers. Winding hills, rivers, lakes, the Alps. And tasty specialties. This is what to expect from our free rides, be it a Turin 3-hours city tour or a trip across Piedmont. Our bike jaunts can be arranged any time of the year, just tell us your favourite date and we’ll do our best to make it happen.
Let’s skip the main roads, let’s go ride and taste Piemonte ūüėČ



Imagine you have a friend born and raised in the city, who greets and squires you around. This is Welcome to Torino, a urban bicycle safari across highlights and hidden gems, as seen through the [...]



Torino, the first capital of Italy, with its royal castles, grand piazzas, baroque splendors. But there's another Turin where nature reveals its shapes and colours: parks, rivers and natural reserves are a must see. [...]


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Via Francigena is an old Christian pilgrimage route linking Canterbury in UK with Rome in Italy. We will ride the Bassa Valsusa segment, ringed by the Alpine peaks, across medieval abbeys and once-upon-a-time villages. [...]


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Turin hills retain a quiet rural atmosphere: fields, vineyards, little old towns. Agriculture is the main activity, based on small scale farms and quality produce, with Barbera and Freisa wines on top. This tasty ebike ride [...]


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The plain around Turin features a network of country dirt roads which are just perfect for a speedy all-terrain ride. On fast gravel bikes, following offroad trails and paths, surrounded by the scenery of [...]