Scenic cycle routes, regional specialties, genuine hospitality: our three mantras! EASYTORINO bicycle trips take place in our home region Piemonte, in Northwest Italy.

Landmarks, nature, curios, following minor and gravel roads, as much as possible away from busy streets and motor traffic. We will ride at a comfortable pace, with tasty stops along the way: small producers, wineries, culinary treats. Enjoy your time on and off the bike, Pedal & Palate is our motto!

All jaunts are free to join, hosted by a volunteer from our group. EASYTORINO is not about organised guided tours nor it is a business activity, it’s a group of natives who just love to bike and sharing places. Hospitality thing, like a friend in town showing you around. At the end you are welcome to leave him a tip if you liked it.

EASYTORINO is for all who want to experience Piedmont from a truly local, insider’s perspective. Join us, we look forward to ride with you!

We know well the cycleways of Piemonte, Mediterranean Liguria and lakes area of Lombardy. Routes follow minor roads and trails mostly, immersed into the nature and away from cars as much as possible. We take an easy, comfortable pace, with breaks, tastings and visits along the way. Each outing hosted by a local volunteer from our group, the “bike host”: he’s not a licenced tour guide, he’s a cycling companion, good connoisseur of places and cultures. Like a friend to bike with. At the end of the jaunt, if you enjoyed it, you are welcome to leave him a tip.
We do it in our spare time, the tours are not scheduled: just tell your favourite date and outing and we’ll do our best to make it happen, according with our availabilities. Just fill the Info&Booking form or email and we’ll get back to you.

P.S. It is important to be in good shape and feel comfortable in biking for long hours, on various conditions and terrains. We thus expect you to have adequate cycling skills and strenght.
The outings are not suitable for children.

You can join with your own bicycle: Touring, MTB, Gravel or Cyclocross models are usually fine, anyway just ask us to make sure. If you need we can help to rent one. We also have a couple of spare bicycles you can borrow for free (limited availability).

Always bring your credit card and cash: remember these are not guided nor organized tours but unsupported casual outings, nothing is due to us, you will pay your expenses (bike hire, meals, etc) directly to the businesses on the spot. Wear comfortable clothes, sportive garments preferably. Limit your items to the essentials, you can carry a light backpack to store your belongings.

Quality and simplicity! We patronize traditional trattorias, sagre di paese (small town food festivals), agriturismo farm restaurants serving own produce. The simplest yet the fanciest: to us “gourmet” means fine local ingredients and cooking expertise, and we know where to go for it. Other times we would instead buy some fresh delis, then enjoy a picnic outdoor along the route. Even in our shortest jaunts there will be room for a yummy treat, like a delicious gelato or a perfectly made espresso. And we will often have the chance to visit farmers, markets, winemakers. Panoramic routes, homey hospitality and local specialties are the trademarks of all EASYTORINO’s tours!

EASYTORINO is not a business activity, nor about organized or guided tours: it’s a group of natives who love to share their places with the visitors, hospitality thing, like having a friend in town you go cycling with.
All jaunts are free to join, in company of a volunteer (bike host) from our group. Nothing is due to us, you will pay your expenses (rental, meals, tastings, etc) directly to the businesses. Many are small or family run activities and they may not accept cards, therefore always bring cash with you. Check the tour tab named “cost” to get a fair idea of the approximate expense. At the end of the outing you are welcome to leave the bike host a tip if you enjoyed it.

Important: we do not take responsability for accidents of any kind nor we provide any insurance. These are informal open rides, every participant is responsible for his/her actions and the resulting consequences, and certifies that he/her is sufficiently experienced, in good health and in proper phisical condition to ride the proposed tours. Before joining, we strongly suggest you to take a thorough physical exam by a medical doctor, get a Cycling Liability Insurance and a Travel/Medical Insurance. Our tours are not suitable for children. Click here to read the Entry Waiver Form



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